Ronald S. and Jo Carole Lauder Student Dormitory Building Dedicated at the Technion

June 15, 2017
Kevin Hattori

At a festive ceremony attended by Israel Minister of Education Naftali Bennett, the Ronald S. and Jo Carole Lauder Student Dormitory Building was dedicated at the Technion. The state of the art building was donated by Ronald Lauder and wife Jo Carole.

(From left) Ronald Lauder’s representative in Israel, Avi Balashnikov; Israel Minister of Education Naftali Bennett; and Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie at the dedication ceremony of the Ronald S. and Jo Carole Lauder Student Dormitory (photo credit: Nitzhan Zohar, Office of the Spokesperson, The Technion)

“The Technion is, and should continue to be, the beacon of the State of Israel,” said Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett this morning at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The remarks were made on Tuesday, June 13, at the dedication ceremony for the Ronald S. and Jo Carole Lauder Student Dormitory. Among the other dignitaries on hand were Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav, Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie, Ronald Lauder’s representative in Israel Avi Balashnikov, Technion Dean of Students Prof. Benny Natan, and Technion Student Union Chairman Omer Amit. The ceremony was held during the annual meeting of the Technion Board of Governors, of which Mr. Lauder is a member.

Mr. Lauder, who is the president of the World Jewish Congress, and his wife Jo Carole donated $5 million to the Technion for the construction of the state of the art dorms for undergraduate students. The Lauder Student Dormitory is equipped with advanced technologies and infrastructure and contains 29 apartments with 122 housing solutions (beds) for students. The overall complex consists of four 9-story buildings with 116 apartments and 488 beds. Designed by architects Yael and Yaron Granot, the new dormitories will house 408 single students and 40 couples.

“The Technion’s secret lies in its being an integral part of Israeli society and of the vision of the State of Israel,” said Mr. Bennett. “You are not hidden away in an ivory tower. On the contrary, you are connected to the Israeli experience and operate out of a commitment to society. You are working to increase the number of ultra-Orthodox and Arab students and students from outlying areas, providing an equal opportunity to all residents of Israel. The new dormitories, built through the donation of the Lauder family, will enable students to invest their time and energy in their demanding studies. On this day, we are planting the seeds of a promising future.”

“We are delighted and grateful to be inaugurating today the Ron and Jo Carole Lauder dormitory building on the Technion campus. This is a great day of celebration for us,” said Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie at the ceremony. “Technion is proud to be the Israeli university with the largest number of dormitory beds in the country, and in fact, the total number of beds in all other universities combined – is smaller than the number at Technion – close to 5000 beds. It is our explicit policy to open the dorms to all students, practicing what we preach in terms of diversity and equal opportunity.

“The Technion plays a major role in closing the socio-economic and cultural divides in the Israeli society. Increasing the number of dormitories where students – Jews and Arabs, Israeli Born and new Immigrants, religious and secular, live side by side, and pay the lowest rent in Israel, is crucial to achieve these goals.

I call upon the government to allocate more land and more financial resources to both colleges and Universities to build dormitories and other needed student services. They should also help the academic institutes to facilitate the regulatory procedures needed for the construction. This may provide at least a partial solution to the pressing housing problem in Israel.”

Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav thanked the Lauder family for their investment in the city. He said: “Haifa is a university center where 45,000 students live. The Lauder family’s investment in student dormitories is an important and correct investment for the Technion and for Haifa.”

“The Lauder family visited the Technion about three years ago and fell in love with it,” said Ronald Lauder’s representative in Israel, Avi Balashnikov. “They are proud to be among the distinguished group of Friends of the Technion, an institution to which they attach great importance in the building and development of the State of Israel and the Jewish People. The Lauder Foundation works to promote education and academia in Israel and the donation to the Technion continues this important support for the advancement of higher education in the State of Israel.”

The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is a major source of the innovation and brainpower that drives the Israeli economy, and a key to Israel’s renown as the world’s “Start-Up Nation.” Its three Nobel Prize winners exemplify academic excellence. Technion people, ideas and inventions make immeasurable contributions to the world including life-saving medicine, sustainable energy, computer science, water conservation and nanotechnology. The Joan and Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute is a vital component of Cornell Tech, and a model for graduate applied science education that is expected to transform New York City’s economy.

American Technion Society (ATS) donors provide critical support for the Technion—more than $2 billion since its inception in 1940. Based in New York City, the ATS and its network of supporters across the U.S. provide funds for scholarships, fellowships, faculty recruitment and chairs, research, buildings, laboratories, classrooms and dormitories, and more.