Start the Chain Reaction that Can Help Technion Impact the World

April 7, 2017
Jennifer Frey

The wine poured into a goblet set off a chain reaction that toppled a line of Matzo, which turned on the fan that floated Baby Moses down the Nile, knocked down the dominos that fired up The Burning Bush, eventually brought on the plagues, opened the Sea and revealed the Seder Plate!

Since originally posted, this elaborate and imaginative Passover Rube Goldberg Machine video, created by Technion students, is getting much coverage and has gone viral with nearly 1 million views! Like the Passover story that celebrates innovative leaders taking the first steps to freedom, you too can help form the path to something great.

Just as one single action started the whole Rube Goldberg-ian Passover chain, your support sets in motion an impactful and exponential chain of events at the Technion!

Support the Technion Fund. Your gift can:

  • Lead to discoveries with real-world impact in biomedicine, defense, environmental sustainability and more.
  • Help recruit the best and brightest Technion faculty—which attracts the highest caliber students.
  • Provide resources that allow students to focus single-mindedly on their academic success.

Happy Passover from everyone at the American Technion Society!