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Sol Glasner
Principal, SolGlasner, LLC (Dispute Resolution & Mediation Services); Former General Counsel, The MITRE Corporation

Message from the President

Relative to many of my fellow ATS D.C. Region members, I’m still a newcomer to the Technion and ATS family. But with my background in Jewish communal activity and a career as legal counsel to technology-oriented companies, the Technion is, for me, irresistible. The opportunity to contribute toward scientific advancement with global impact — while also strengthening Israel — keeps me energized.

Our Washington, D.C. office has much to be proud of. In addition to our long track record of support for Technion’s financial health, our Region has led numerous promotional efforts. We’ve pioneered a scholarship program for local high school participants in the Technion’s summer SciTech Program that has helped spread the university’s good name well beyond our traditional communities. We’ve built on the Technion Ambassadors Program to expand opportunities for community outreach and engagement. Through networking, we have helped boost the visibility of the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, taking shape 200 miles to our north.

With accomplishments also come challenges. The ATS National Board recently adopted a new Strategic Plan that is expansive in every way, including an ambitious ten-year campaign agenda. I am confident that our D.C. office has the creativity, energy and commitment necessary to meet the challenges. I look forward to working with you all in honing our own strategic direction and optimizing support for the national vision. Please join me, as together we ensure continued success for the ATS and the Technion.

Support Our Local Project

We support the Technion’s Ecological Engineering Systems Center, where researchers are developing environmentally friendly, intelligent infrastructure systems to ensure that Israel’s economic growth develops in harmony with nature.


Become a Leader

Our new Ambassadors Leadership Development Program seeks to provide a carefully structured, more intensive involvement with Technion programs, people and resources. Targeted to new and potential leaders, Ambassadors aims to impart an understanding of Technion contributions to Israel’s economy, security and high-tech industry.

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Help Educate Israel's Neediest

Board members Marty and Grace Rosman help provide a Technion education for Israel’s neediest through their support of the Rosman Atidim Program. You can make a difference by being a part of this worthy effort.

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Scitech Program for High School Students

The Technion SciTech summer research program offers deserving high school students the opportunity to conduct high-level science and engineering research at the Technion with its renowned professors. Students live on campus and travel throughout Israel.

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Upcoming Events

Attend our luncheon and dinner speaker events to hear firsthand from Technion experts about breakthroughs that are advancing science, medicine and technology worldwide.

For information on the visit this spring by a delegation of Technion students and professors, contact Irv Elenberg at or at 301.654.4773.

Join us for the Technion World Tour

The 2016 Israel leg of the Technion World Tour was a huge success.

in 2017, the Technion World Tour continues in New York City at the Cornell Tech campus, home to the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute.

in 2018, the World Tour visits China for an enlightening experience at the Guangdong-Technion Israel Institute of Technology

For more information on the New York or China legs of the Technion World Tour, please visit

To view photos and more from the 2016 Israel leg of the Technion World Tour, please click here.


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