ATS computer science breakthroughs

Computer science

Three students in Technion Professor Ron Kimmel’s Geometric Image Processing Lab demonstrate some of the innovations being worked on with the aid of the unique 3D scanner developed there.

The Technion Faculty of Computer Science is ranked among the best in the world. If you rely on a computer, it is very likely that your processor was developed by Technion graduates working at companies such as Intel.

Your online communications are for the most part made possible by the Lempel-Ziv algorithm, named for the two Technion professors who discovered a way to compress data. If you use a flash drive, the underlying technology was also developed by a Technion graduate.

Breakthroughs In Computer Science:

  • A computer science student has developed a computerized learning system that can detect emotional sentiments expressed in a text message or email based on recognizing repeated word patterns.

  • Two Technion electrical engineering students created “Cart2Go,” a shopping cart that autonomously tracks and follows its shopper throughout one store and on to the next, like a faithful puppy.


  • As part of a project, two Technion software engineering students hacked the popular navigation application Waze, and caused a traffic jam that lasted for hours. The students’ academic advisors notified Waze of the “cyber-attack” afterward, with the belief that Waze will now find a way to prevent such attacks from happening in the future.

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