ATS Defensive Technologies Breakthroughs

Defensive technologies

Learn how Iron Dome, developed by Technion graduates, protects Israeli citizens by destroying rockets before they can cause injury, property damage and, most importantly, loss of life.

Israel is recognized worldwide as a leader in protecting its citizens from threats, in large part thanks to knowledge supplied by the Technion. In the ongoing struggle to stay one step ahead of missile strikes, cyberattacks and nonconventional warfare, the Technion’s technological know-how across several fields is unparalleled. The Iron Dome antimissile defense system was developed mainly by Technion graduates at Rafael Advance Defense Systems, Inc.

In 2002, the Technion founded the Center for Security Science and Technology, to hone its expertise in aerospace engineering, imaging, computer science and other disciplines that are vital to national defense. In 2016, the university launched a multidisciplinary center devoted to cyber security research, which was recently named the Fujiwara Cyber Security Research Center, after supporter Dr. Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Breakthroughs in Defensive Technology

  • IDF and Technion Join Forces to Develop Medical Glider

    The Technion and the Israel Defense Forces are collaborating to develop a medical glider that could save soldiers’ lives by bringing supplies such as blood transfusion kits, antibiotics and intubation kits to the battlefield.

  • Technion Inaugurates New Cyber Security Research Center

    The new center (now called the Fujiwara Cyber Security Research Center), headed by Prof. Eli Biham, was launched in April 2016 to serve as a focal point for scholars, and to disseminate innovative ideas through conferences, workshops, courses and outreach activities.

  • Tough, Flexible Material Could Protect Soldiers and Astronauts

    Inspired by fish scales in nature, Asst. Prof. Stephan Rudykh is helping to develop a revolutionary material that could be used to make bulletproof clothing for the military and spacesuits for astronauts.

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