Technion President Peretz Lavie congratulates Ed Satell at the dedication of the Satell Family Nitrogen-Hydrogen Alternative Fuels Reaction Laboratory

ATS Donors

The Technion is the world-class institution it is today due in large part to the American Technion Society (ATS) and its donors.

Donors to the American Technion Society have given more than $2.5 billion in support of the Technion since the ATS was founded in 1940. (Most of these funds were raised during the past decade). Albert Einstein was an early and fervent supporter of the ATS.

ATS donors have a profound effect on the Technion. They provide critical support to Technion students, researchers, and facilities through various giving opportunities.

For example:

  • Donors who want to support the Technion’s cutting edge research fund Technion research centers and initiatives.
  • Donors who want to contribute to the Technion’s superior infrastructure build dorms, libraries, laboratories, classrooms and other facilities.
  • Donors who want to support the Technion’s esteemed faculty fund grants and prizes, as well as recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Donors who want to support the Technion’s brilliant students fund scholarships, fellowships and dormitories.

We invite you to explore opportunities for support on our priority projects.