“Eggs are natural and economical, so keep enough on hand,” a smiling man cheerfully explains in a 1978 commercial sponsored by the American Egg Board.

“Eggs are a natural wonder, for meals, snacks, appetizers, whatever,” he goes on to claim, backed by upbeat music. The advert ends with a tagline well known to Americans: “The incredible edible egg.”

“The egg is really a miracle ingredient in terms of its versatility and what it brings to our food,” Jon Rathauser, CEO (chief egg officer) and co-founder of Israeli startup Eggmented Reality, tells NoCamels.

And Rathauser and the team at Eggmented Reality believe that they have created an even more incredible kind of egg, without any of the drawbacks associated with the industry.

The real egg has struggled to remain as economical as it once was, with outbreaks of Avian Flu and salmonella triggering shortages and price fluctuations. And according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, there has been a slow but steady decline in the global production of eggs in recent years.

Eggmented Reality identified a naturally occurring protein that can provide the same functionality as an egg in cooking — gelling, binding and foaming — but without the ongoing challenges of the egg industry.

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Eggmented Reality CEO and Co-founder Jon Rathauser is a Technion alumnus.