The ubiquitous urban thrum of scores of mopeds weaving their way through heavy traffic could soon be superseded by the hushed whisper of electric engines, courtesy of an Israeli company who says its replacement vehicles are cheaper, safer and more sustainable than gasoline guzzlers.

The Tel Aviv-based Blitz Motors was founded in 2012 by CEO Raphael Moszynski, a Belgian-born Israeli who left a career in international banking in Britain and to pursue a desire to contribute to environmental protection.

The company is a combination of two of his passions – motorbikes and sustainability. Moszynski has been riding two-wheelers for years, even in London, where he says it is an even faster mode of transport than the famed Tube underground.

“Our duty is to replace as many gasoline vehicles on the road as possible [with] electric and zero emission,” he tells NoCamels. He calls Blitz “sustainable mobility.”

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Blitz Motors CTO Guy Cohen is a Technion alumnus.