Imagine a lab being able to grow tissue from your own body to replace bone lost through damage or illness, and within a matter of weeks be able to fill the gap so well that once it was healed you would never know it had been there.

Israeli medtech company Bonus Biogroup says it has created a way of doing just that – and aims to bring its tissue regeneration innovation to the market in the next couple of years.

The company works in the fields of cell therapy and tissue engineering, growing live human tissue in vitro (outside of the body) “in systems that mimic our body,” Dr. Tomer Bronstein, Bonus Biogroup VP of Business Development, tells NoCamels.

Millions of people lose bone tissue every year for a variety of reasons, he explains, including trauma, war, osteoporosis (loss of bone quality) or cancer.

“Until now, the gold standard for patients who have lost bone tissue was to take a bone from one location in the body and to move it into the graft location,” Bronstein explains.

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Bonus BioGroup Founder, CEO, and President Shai Meretzki, COO Dror Ben-David, and VP of R&D Atara Novak are all Technion alumni.