As the world becomes ever more concerned with the impact of climate change and increasing levels of greenhouse gasses, one company is on a mission to revolutionize the way we heat water – a major strain on energy usage.

Sowillo Energy, based in the community town of Mikhmanim in northern Israel, has developed a system to use energy from the hot water wasted when we bathe or even when we wash the dishes or our clothes.

When a person takes a shower and the hot water goes down the drain, the Sowillo system catches it before it enters the municipal sewer system, directing it instead to a proprietary tank that contains a special coil.

The excess hot water heats up the coil, which in turn is then used to create more hot water for the building.

“The vast majority of the heat [from water], around 80 or 90 percent, is wasted in the drainage systems,” Sowillo COO Maxim Goldshtein tells NoCamels. The company, he explains, is simply collecting and using that heat in an effective way.

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Sowillo Energy Co-founder and CEO Kirill Dedul and CTO Pavel Gurevich are Technion alumni.