Avi Aflalo, Simplex 3D co-founder and CEO: “We have accurate 3D models of most cities, towns and villages in Israel. The initiative will open the technology to communities that have not yet been modeled to be up and running within a few days with a defense system to manage emergency incidents, with either a three-dimensional model or a standard map.”

Simplex 3D develops systems and algorithms for 3D urban management and planning for the private, and government and defense sectors. The company is harnessing its technology for the benefit of all local authorities and communities in Israel, to strengthen the preparedness of security teams and emergency response units dealing with routine and emergency security incidents. In addition to 3D models, the Simplex 3D system provides the ability to report incidents from the field using a mobile phone, track authority’s vehicle fleet using GPS and track the forces on the ground.

One of the biggest challenges facing these communities is the very essential perception of defense. Most command and control systems, even those close to the border, are not equipped with up-to-date maps of the buildings and facilities in the community. For example, this makes it difficult for them to know, before arriving to respond, how many floors there are in a building under attack, or the location and sizes of doors, windows or access points.

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Simplex 3D creates urban mapping and planning technology as well as 3D maps. Simplex 3D Co-founders Ziv Shragai and Shahar Barnea are both Technion alumni.