Officially, Israeli-American company Bluewhite may be in the autonomous technology business, but its main mission is ensuring the future of the world’s food supply.

The company launched its data-driven autonomous (self-driving) tractor four years ago, and, according to Bluewhite Vice President for Production and Testing Amir Peleg, it has a significant role to play in feeding the global population.

“When you look at everything we are facing in agriculture today – we are talking about labor shortages, buying challenges and costs, operational costs—sustainability needs to be accelerated so that around all that we can have enough food to feed the [growing] population,” Peleg tells NoCamels.

“It is a challenge. I think we are already contributing to the solution and we’re going to be a very big and important player in this game. I want to solve this issue.”

Bluewhite’s flagship product, the Pathfinder, offers a seamless transition to autonomous farming, retrofitting existing ordinary tractors with state-of-the-art technology and transforming them into smart, efficient machines.

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Bluewhite Co-founder and COO Yair Shahar is a Technion alumnus.