Featuring Technion Assistant Professor Charlotte Vogt

Crude oil is amazing, and Assistant Professor Charlotte Vogt is the first to say so. It propels our cars, heats our buildings, powers our electricity, and is used to manufacture plastics, fake furs, fertilizers, and a host of other products.

She’d also be the first to tell you that while we can’t stop production, we also can’t continue to pump heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the environment. Prof. Vogt is set on finding a cleaner, more sustainable way of manufacturing goods.

Join us to learn how catalysts, substances that activate chemical reactions, can speed up and clean up the processes of manufacturing and recycling. Please take this opportunity to reconnect in person once again with like-minded supporters in your community.

Please send your RSVP or direct any questions to Rob Platt at 216.800.6980 or email [email protected].

Assistant Professor Charlotte Vogt is a superstar who was recently named in the Forbes “30 Under 30” list of the brightest young entrepreneurs in Europe. She joined the Technion in March 2021 to help launch the Center for Sustainable Processes and Catalysis and established the Vogt Laboratory of Catalysis for Fuels of the Future in the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry. Researchers in her lab are quite literally fueling the future with advances in hydrogen production, waste recycling, and the design of new catalysts and better processes to transition away from fossil fuels and abate climate change.

Prof. Vogt was born in the Netherlands and spent time in the U.S. before returning to Europe for schooling. She received her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees from Utrecht University in the Netherlands as well as a master’s in business management. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the conversion of CO2 to useful materials, and she is carving out an expertise in the spectroscopy of catalysis, i.e., the interaction of light with different catalysts.