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Polina Bronov ’20 and Shimon Sheiba ’17, M.Sc. ’20 travelled to San Diego as part of Technion’s annual student tour in late February as global concerns about the coronavirus were in its early stages. They returned to a much different country and circumstance. Join us as they share their personal reflections on the last eight months, being a student in Israel during a pandemic, how research and academics are continuing at Technion, and what it’s like to launch a career during these times.

As a master’s student in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Shimon uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create technology that tailors medical treatments for chronic diabetes to individual patients. During the pandemic, he worked on COVID-19 related projects, including ones for Clalit Health Services HMO and Sheba Medical Center. Polina is wrapping up her studies at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management as she interviews for analysts roles in strategic consulting.