Featuring Professor Daniella Raveh

Aircraft technology has come a long way since Wilbur and Orville Wright’s Kitty Hawk. But you might be surprised at just how far. Join us for a special program with Technion Professor Daniella Raveh and hear how she and her team are leading the way in aerospace innovation. Prof. Raveh will talk about her award-winning, 3D-printed test airplane, built to experiment with designs that would make aircraft more aerodynamic and environmentally friendly, as well as the latest research she and her team are working on.

Prof. Raveh’s work in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, which is often referred to as a mini-NASA, is yet another example of the Technion’s outsized impact on shaping technologies of the future.

Featured Speaker

Daniella Raveh
Daniella Raveh
Daniella Raveh
About the Speaker

Professor Daniella Raveh ’92, Ph.D.’99 focuses her research in the area of aeroelasticity, the interaction between aerodynamic forces and flexible structures. She earned her Technion degrees in aeronautical and aerospace engineering, and was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology before joining the Technion in 2001.