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With Professor Yasha Grobman

Moving beyond traditional drafting boards, protractors, and mechanical pencils, Professor Yasha Grobman, an award-winning practicing architect, is developing innovative digital tools and techniques for architectural design and fabrication. His cutting-edge, digital Technion Computer Oriented Design Laboratory (T_CODE) and manufacturing workshop allow students to conduct interdisciplinary projects using methods such as virtual reality and physiological sensors.

Join our Live From Technion webinar to hear Prof. Grobman examine ways high-tech can influence architectural design and performance. As Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Israel’s first such department, he will talk about his vision for the department, which covers disciplines ranging from Digital Architecture and Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD), to artificial intelligence in architectural design, sustainable development, intelligent buildings, urban renewal, and even the design of artificial coral reefs.

The webinar will be moderated by Matthew Reiskin, a principal architect at the SmithGroup, whose 15 offices around the world have won awards for the Taiping Financial Tower in Hangzhou, China, the California Pacific Medical Center, Van Ness Campus, and more. Mr. Reiskin lives in the Bethesda, Maryland, mid-century modern home he grew up in, designed by his architect father, and recently remodeled by his architect wife.

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Yasha Grobman
Technion Professor, Yasha Grobman
Yasha Grobman

Professor Yasha Grobman, Ph.D. ’08, is Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, founding director of the Technion Computer Oriented Design Laboratory (T_CODE), and founder of Grobman Architects. He focuses on performance-oriented architectural design, sustainable building, and the use of computers to develop architectural design and fabrication technologies. Born in Moscow, he served in the Israeli Air Force, earned his bachelor’s degree from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, his master’s degree from the AA School of Architecture in London, and his doctorate from the Technion. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design before joining the Technion in 2010.

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