Technion Global Campaign

From Visionary Education
to a World of Impact

The Technion Global Campaign: From Visionary Education to a World of Impact is a $1.8 billion global fundraising campaign for the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology that will change the world.

It builds upon the core strengths of the Technion—one of the world’s leading science and technology universities—and enables it to expand, both in terms of geography and academic ambition, to rival any university with a clear focus on technology, engineering and innovation.

The Technion’s core strengths—diversity, sustainability, the convergence of engineering and medicine, artificial intelligence, information and communication, and quantum science—address some of humankind’s most pressing problems and position the Technion to provide the novel solutions and outsize impact to make the world a better place.

The Technion Global Campaign is the biggest and most ambitious ever launched by an Israeli university. By setting its ambitions higher than ever before, the Technion is inviting donors to have greater impact than ever before. Whether your passion lies in the Technion as an institution, the State of Israel, or impact on a global stage, you can find an outlet for it here.

Building on Core Strength

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    Planet Future

    The Technion is a leader in water conservation, clean energy and other green technologies that address the enormous environmental challenges facing our world.

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    Israel’s Tomorrow

    The Technion plays a critical role in keeping Israel safe from those who would do it harm, training its future leaders and encouraging diversity for all.

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    Engineering Health

    The Technion is one of the few institutions worldwide that brings together biology with engineering and the physical sciences, to translate research more quickly into clinical solutions.

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    AI Rising

    The Technion is on the leading edge of AI research. In the future, artificial intelligence, and how information and communication are handled, will be part of nearly every application we have around us.

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    Quantum Leap

    Technion scientists are working to employ quantum in ways that will shape the future, including totally secure communications and online transactions, superior sensing technology; computers with computational powers far beyond those of standard computers, and new materials that will lead to new and innovative devices and solutions.

  • News Stories

    A World of Impact

    A.I. and Deep Learning Could Put Drug Development on the Fast Track

    Technion researchers have developed a smart system for the development of new drugs. Founded on artificial intelligence and deep learning, the system is expected to dramatically shorten and reduce the costs of drug development.

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  • Innovators

    Meet an Innovator

    Q and A With Itamar Kahn

    Associate Professor Itamar Kahn investigates brain function and behavior in health and disease. His work has applications for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and neurodevelopmental disorders including autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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A Legacy of Breakthroughs

  • Technion scientists were Israel’s first NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS in science. Their research led to Velcade®, a landmark anti-cancer drug.

  • More than 70 PERCENT of Technion graduates are employed in the high technology sectors that drive the country’s economic growth.

  • The Technion is a leader in the green technologies that help solve the enormous ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES facing our world.