The Secret of Israel’s Success in 125 Pages

If you liked Start-Up Nation, you’ll be intrigued by this new book, Technion Nation: The Technion’s Contribution to Israel and the World by Amnon Frenkel and Shlomo Maital with Ilana DeBare

Technion Nation

Technion Nation takes readers inside Israel’s economic miracle to the university that has driven much of the technology behind the so-called “start-up nation.” Weaving together personal stories of entrepreneurism at its best with highly accessible descriptions of breakthrough discoveries in computer science, cancer research, defense systems and more, Frenkel and Maital have created a must-read for anyone interested in Israel’s technological revolution. Having spent decades at the Technion, the authors are steeped in Technion lore and share tidbits about historical figures such as Albert Einstein as well as modern-day innovators.

What would Israel be without the Technion? Technion Nation tells the story of how the Technion’s graduates drove Israel’s transformation from an economy of Jaffa oranges to an economy of semiconductors. It looks at how Technion scientists have given the world new forms of matter and countless innovations that enrich the lives of people everywhere — winning Nobel prizes along the way.

Watch Professor Shlomo Maital take you on a short journey through this fascinating book,which tells the story of how Technion’s graduates and scientists have given the world new forms of matter, life-saving discoveries and countless innovations that enrich lives of people everywhere.

As the nation’s needs changed, the Technion evolved. Its earliest departments focused on the practical skills needed to build the country’s infrastructure. Aerospace, computer science and other fields followed, permeating the Haifa-Tel Aviv corridor with a high-tech atmosphere.

Tackling their subject as economists, the authors, who are senior research fellows at the Technion’s Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology, create a novel formula to estimate the value that Technion graduates bring to Israel’s economy. The numbers are astonishing!

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