LABSCAPES: Views Through the Microscope

Click above to look behind the scenes to see the researchers at work in their labs, and to hear from Anat Har-Gil, the artist who created and curated the collection.

Close your eyes. Imagine the greatest natural landscapes in the world. What comes to mind? Most likely, you will picture looming mountains, raging seas, vast deserts, giant redwoods and other scenes of nature’s vast spaces, which artists have depicted throughout the ages.

Yet, there is also a mysterious and beautiful natural world – far smaller, much more unknown, but no less stunning – that lives under a microscope.

LABSCAPES brings this remarkable microscopic world to life, offering a rare chance to peek over the shoulder of some of the world’s most renowned researchers at the Technion – Israel’s leading institute of science and technology. The images on exhibit are taken with a range of microscopes used in the fields of exact sciences (chemistry and physics), life sciences, engineering, and medicine. The images are beautiful reminders that human perception is a feeble means by which to comprehend the large and layered world we inhabit.

Created and Curated by Anat Har-Gil, an artistically gifted member of the Technion’s Computing and Information Systems Department, LABSCAPES presents vivid images that at first glance might seem reminiscent of spectacular natural vistas. But look more closely, Ms. Har-Gil suggests, and you’ll discover the unexpected. Crystals, bacteria, human cells, and other entities invisible to the naked eye are revealed through the power of the modern microscope

As you admire these stunning panoramas, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture— the dedicated work of scientists seeking a better future for us all. This is a landscape that we can only begin to envision.

Click here to view a video slideshow of images from the exhibit.

LABSCAPES: Views Through The Microscope
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Images from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology