Alumni Get-togethers Around the Country

August 16, 2019
By: Anat Feinberg

It was great to meet many of you at events, conferences, and receptions around the country. Over the past six months, we have offered programs in your local communities and at national conferences, which have attracted alumni from around the country.

Palo Alto

The Latest on the State of Israel Innovation in Palo Alto

Shlomi Kofman, Israel’s Consul General to the Pacific Northwest, brought greetings to more than 100 alumni in Palo Alto. The event featured Technion alumnus Aharon Aharon, CEO of Israel Innovation Authority, who shared the latest from the Israel Innovation Authority 2018-19 Report and discussed trends, challenges, and opportunities of Israel’s state of innovation. The Innovation Authority nurtures and develops Israeli innovation resources, while creating and strengthening the infrastructure and framework needed to support the entire industry. The presentation was well received by our guests, as were networking and connecting with fellow alumni in Silicon Valley.

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Expert Brings Brain Research to Boston

Alumni and ATS friends gathered to hear from Technion Professor Itamar Kahn, whose research focuses on brain function and behavior in health and disease. His work has applications for better understanding of brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. In his work, Prof. Kahn uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure activity in multiple brain systems simultaneously, which provides insights into the communications and dynamic interactions between regions of the brain.


Alumni Reception at the IAC Conference in Florida

The annual IAC National Conference attracts Israelis from across the U.S. to explore topics that are relevant to the Israeli–American community, including technology, business, Israel support, and next-generation identity and education. Among the featured speakers were Technion alumni Ilana Golan from Silicon Valley, Dr. Ifat Rubin Bejerano from Boston, Monika Lev Cohen from Israel, and Dr. Eyan Zimlichman from Israel.  A special reception for alumni attracted participants from around the country, Israel, and the U.K. It was inspiring to hear remarks from over 40 alumni, and we were amazed by the high level of talent in the room.

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A Window into the Pluralistic Jewish Community in New York

Jewish life in the U.S. can be a new experience for some Israelis. In December, Technion alumni in New York and their families were treated to a Shabbat celebration with the B’nai Jeshurun community of the Upper West Side. Just being in the magnificent synagogue would have been enough, but having the chance to learn about the history of the community made the evening even more special. We also participated in a beautiful musical Kabbalat Shabbat service, followed by a delicious Shabbat dinner, where alumni and their families had an opportunity to meet and make new connections and friendships.


Technion at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.

The AIPAC Policy Conference attracts some 20,000 Israel supporters annually, including many Technion alumni. The 2019 conference was no exception, with Technion alumni speakers Eran Shir, Orly Rapaport, Gilad Hizkiyahu, Oded Kraft, and Yifat Oron from Israel. A Technion reception was held in conjunction with the conference, where Eliad Perez, Technion alumnus and a Research Fellow at NASA’s Goddard Space Center, spoke to the group. We also featured the Labscapes exhibit, an inspiring and unique body of work, by artist Anat HarGil. The Labscapes images are based on Technion research, and present views through the microscope. We were proud to share the true genius of Israeli scientists and their advances that benefit people around the globe.

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Alumni and Friends Celebrating Israel and Technion at Israel’s 71st Anniversary in New York

This special time of the year, starting with Yom Ha’Shoa, continuing with Yom Ha’Zikaron, and concluding with Yom Ha’Atzmaut, is an emotional time. Israelis from all walks of life look for ways to connect around these occasions of commemoration and celebration to share a common culture and story. This year, we created a meaningful event for alumni and friends that featured Zamira Chenn, a renowned Israeli–American singer and songwriter. She created a one-of-a-kind musical production that told the Technion and Israel story through a combination of Hebrew songs and English narration, featuring 10 Israeli singers and musicians. Technion engineers were the driving force behind the building of Israel in its earliest days, and in advancing the Israeli high-tech industry forward in recent years. Technion alumni and faculty are a source of Israeli pride, and are at the forefront of science, research, and cutting-edge technology. We were proud to present their stories and happy to celebrate Israel, the Technion, and their impact on making the world a better place.

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Our Israel and Technion celebration continued as we marched up Fifth Avenue in New York City at the Celebrate Israel Parade. The parade draws around 40,000 marchers from many Jewish and Israeli organizations, including schools, youth organizations, Jewish and American Community dignitaries, artists, dancers, floats, and marching bands, all showing love and support for Israel.

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U.S. Alumni and Families Visit Haifa Campus in Israel

A campus tour designed especially for Technion alumni visiting Israel from abroad attracted alumni from New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Brazil, and Israel. Alumni were excited to share their pride and memories with their children and grandchildren. Guests visited the David and Janet Polak Visitors Center where they viewed a multimedia presentation that highlights Technion milestones and the vital connection between education, research, and industry, and then walked around campus, stopped at new and renovated buildings, and were hosted at the computer science lab. Professor Orit Hazan, dean of Undergraduate Studies, and Ronit Lis Hacohen, Managing Director of Technion International, spoke to the group about the Technion today, and shared exciting opportunities for English-speaking students at the Technion.

Individual visits can be scheduled through the Technion Polak Visitors Center. Join Technion Alumni Association events and campus tours while visiting Israel, offered throughout the year.

Please follow the Technion Alumni Association on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn about upcoming events in Israel.

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