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Serves: All of Northern California, from Silicon Valley to Napa, from San Francisco to the East Bay; Oregon and Washington.

Micah Broude
Owner, Broude & Associates
ATS San Francisco President

Message from the President

Israel would not be what it is today without the Technion, and the Technion would not be the world-class institution it is today without the support of the American Technion Society (ATS).

The Technion’s cutting-edge research and teaching excellence play a key role in making Israel’s high-tech industry renowned worldwide. Each and every one of us can make a difference, and we have. The ATS has raised more than $1.9B for the Technion since 1940!

As one of the premier technology universities in the world, the Technion has made a significant impact on Silicon Valley. Many prominent Silicon Valley companies, such as Intel, AMD, IBM, SanDisk and many others have large R&D centers in Israel, with Technion alumni in key management positions both in Israel and in Silicon Valley.

The Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area have a special relationship with the Technion. We are thrilled to be part of the community of the Technion in the Bay Area – and we are looking forward to working with this great community to strengthen the relationship with the Technion even further.

Technion Fund

The Technion faces fierce international competition for graduate students, plus a housing shortage. Our support of the Graduate Student Village has helped provide family-friendly living space and recruit top-tier graduate students. We are completing this project and about to undertake a new one. Stay tuned for the details.

Planned Giving

Have you considered the Technion in your estate planning? ATS support of Technion facilities, research, faculty and students has led to discoveries that have made life better for people around the world. Be part of that legacy. A planned gift can lower your tax bill, increase your income and your heirs’ inheritance, and unlock value in your real estate. Contact Victoria Buder, Bay Area Director.

Upcoming Events

Hear firsthand from Technion experts about breakthroughs that are advancing science, medicine and technology worldwide. We hold large events through our “Technion Global Impact Series,” and intimate “Evenings with Professors” (EWPs) at donors’ homes.

Contact Victoria Buder, Bay Area Director at  to find events open to the public and to discuss hosting opportunities.

Get Involved

The Technion Fund strategically invests in facilities, people and research that drive innovation. These priorities reflect the Technion’s core strengths and ongoing needs, such as biomedicine, entrepreneurship and innovation, international collaboration, security, sustainability, faculty and students. With flexibility to direct resources where they are needed most, the Fund will help the Technion advance as a world leader in science/tech research and education.


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