Growing up, our parents took us several times to Israel. Visiting the Technion was always central. We visited the Aerodynamics Laboratory, and watched in awe as the high-tech scientists used a hair dryer to create a simulated wind tunnel. The Technion does so much with so little.

My involvement today is inspired by my father, Paul Shatz, who spent his life engaged with the ATS. When he became president of the Washington, D.C. Region in 2007, he asked me to assist him. Dad focused on bringing younger people into the Chapter. I continue that work by co-chairing the Leadership Development Committee on the ATS National Board, where we created Technion 101, a development and training tool for lay leaders. It is a privilege to serve on the Investment Committee at the national level. Locally, I headed up the SciTech Scholarship Committee, seeking to expose high school students to the Technion through its science summer program.

After retiring from my work at Fannie Mae, my focus was being a mom. With grown children, now is the time to contribute as best I can. When you’re a second-generation ATS supporter, the Technion is in your DNA. It’s not something you discover. It’s who you are.