Technion’s Ties to Industry Helped Her Become a Biotech Leader

Iris Grossman always thought she’d become a neurologist, but as a Ph.D. candidate at the Technion, she worked closely with Teva Pharmaceuticals and fell in love with personalized medicine. Her expertise in science and analytics has opened doors to high-level positions and consultancies at Teva, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly, and Takeda, as well as chief scientific officer roles at CAMP4 Therapeutics and Amide Technologies. Currently, she is chief strategy officer at the Israeli-British Eleven Therapeutics.

Dr. Grossman, a modern Orthodox mother of four who currently resides in Boston, is part of a multigenerational Technion legacy as her mother, father, brother, and husband, Aharon Grossman ’04, are all alumni. “It’s a joke in the family that our children can major in whatever they want, as long as they go to the Technion,” she said.

“It is completely awe-inspiring to see the impact Technion alumni have made in every aspect of our lives,” Dr. Grossman said. “There are many wonderful universities here, but they are not as innovative
or interdisciplinary as the Technion. It is our responsibility as alumni to nurture and invest in that creative approach.”

Pictured Above / Iris Grossman with her children (from l to r) Carmel, Eden, Harel, and Avri, and husband, Aharon