The Technion is home to Northern Israel’s first research MRI. Located in the May-Blum-Dahl Human MRI Research Center, it is a symbol of the Technion’s ongoing commitment to scientific excellence and human health advancement 

Until now, Technion researchers had no choice but to visit other facilities to use an MRI scanner—an essential tool for gathering extremely valuable data in a risk-free environment. Scientists and students can now conduct in-house multidisciplinary research using novel capabilities, providing highspeed structural and functional imaging. 

Beyond the MRI machine, the facility itself is special because it is set up to explore childhood development. A mock scanner makes it possible for children and infants to preview the imaging process prior to entering the actual device for a more comfortable experience.  

Thanks to this vital gift from Barbara and William Dahl of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and many other generous donors, Technion researchers from a wide range of disciplines now have this invaluable device close to home. The facility is also available to industry scientists who aim to deepen their research and development efforts via MRI technology. 

An utterly unique feature of the May-Blum-Dahl Human MRI Research Center is its proximity to the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering—recognized as a global leader in innovative research, which spans a lengthy list of engineering-based fields. This will significantly advance research and solve some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare. Activities at the May-Blum-Dahl Human MRI Research Center will also allow us to improve MRI technology, leading to more accurate imaging in a shorter amount of time. 

This project will undoubtedly lead to significant advances in biomedical imaging and human health research, especially when it comes to diagnostics and our ongoing quest to unlock more information about a variety of debilitating diseases and disorders. 

WATCH: Technion’s first M.R.I machine being installed