Did you know the average person encounters more than 60,000 germs every day? Different surfaces we touch, including countertops, remote controls, faucets, and phones harbor tons of bacteria we may not be aware of. What if a germ killer could be added to everyday items to help protect you and your health? Israeli startup Nanosono is doing exactly that. Led in part by COO and Technion alumnus Matan Benisty, the company has developed nanoparticles that can be embedded into paint, fabrics, plastics, and other materials to kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.

Known as Quactiv, the germ killer is a powdered additive that is cost-effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. It can be easily incorporated in a myriad of materials, and only needs a concentration of 0.0005% in each substance to be effective. Even better, it does not lose its effectiveness over time.

For professional usage, Quactiv can be added to facemasks, bandages, metal surfaces, plastic surfaces, antimicrobial ointment, and more to protect doctors and nurses in the clinical setting. For non-woven fabrics, such as sports clothing, the particles can be added straight into the fibers themselves instead of coating the fabric. Additionally, Quactiv could be added into packaging for fruit, vegetables, and other foods to destroy bacteria and extend shelf life.

Nanosono is currently moving the product from research and development to the commercial stage. They have recently signed commercial agreements with paint companies, coating companies, cosmetic companies, and textile companies and aspire to reach markets in the U.S., Europe, China, and India.