According to United States Patent Office data, the Technion was ranked #1 in both Israel and Europe for the number of U.S. patents granted to universities in 2021. The achievement was announced by the National Academy of Investors (NAI) in the U.S. and the Intellectual Property Owners Organization (IPO).

The Technion’s 63 U.S. patents also placed it 40th in the world, ahead of other well-established universities, including the University of Oxford, Princeton University, Georgia Institute of Technology. Among other Israeli universities, Tel Aviv University was number 68 on the list. The University of California system took the top spot.

The commercialization and patent-registration processes for the Technion are led by Technion Technology Transfer (T3), while maintaining numerous collaborations within different industries and promoting the continuous establishment of new startups. The Technion is among the world’s top 20 universities in the field of entrepreneurship and in the establishment of startups.