Pictured Above: The researchers from the Technion and the University of Toronto at the joint workshop (credit: Office of the Technion Spokesperson)

The Technion and the University of Toronto have launched an AI-based collaboration that advances the use of AI in the field of medicine. The partnership between the Technion’s Artificial Intelligence Hub (Tech.AI) – specifically Tech.AI.Biomed – and the University of Toronto’s leading Temerty Center for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education in Medicine (T-CAIREM) will bring together faculty members and research students from both institutions to develop advanced responses to the medicine of the future around challenges of common interest.

The venture kicked off with a joint workshop attended by dozens of scientists and research students from both universities held May 8-10 in Israel. The workshop served as a starting point, with both institutions presenting their capabilities in the field of AI for medicine, identifying areas with potential for growth and common interest for both institutions, and discussing the types of collaboration that will allow the joint teams from both colleges to receive support for the new activity.

The teams will soon start working on proposals for research collaborations, the creation of new methodologies, initiatives that promote education in the field, and directives to share existing data and the creation of new data.