Zeekit uses augmented reality to provide an interactive online shopping experience. With its virtual fitting room, the technology allows shoppers to see how an item will look on different body types. Zeekit’s Co-founder and CEO is Technion alumna Yael Vizel.
Yael Vizel

Co-founder and CEO, Zeekit

Yael Vizel was chosen by Globes as one of the 70 most bright and promising young professionals in Israel in 2018, and by Forbes as one of Israel’s 50 Power Women in 2019. At the Technion, she was one of seven women studying electrical engineering among 150 men, breaking gender barriers and battling the odds.

Yael Vizel, Technion alumnus and co-founder/CEO of Zeekit

She graduated from the Technion in 2010 with honors, earning numerous awards. Yael was a finalist in both the Technion’s BizTEC entrepreneurship challenge and the security development contest for the Technion’s Center for Security Science and Technology. She also won the Best Project Contest in the Laboratory of Computer Graphics and Multimedia in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

After founding Zeekit, she was named one of the top three entrepreneurs in Israel.