Technion Priorities

The Technion survives on an annual budget a fraction the size of its peers in the U.S. Support for the Technion’s major priorities will enable the university to make strategic investments in the facilities, human capital and research necessary to advance innovation that will change lives everywhere.

Ester Segal

The Technion Integrated Cancer Center

The Technion Integrated Cancer Center (TICC) combines scientists from the university’s strong basic science and engineering departments with its researchers from its Faculty of Medicine and clinicians from the Rambam Health Care Campus. This multidisciplinary approach will help move scientific discoveries into medical applications. Nearly 600,000 people in the U.S. die of cancer yearly, and the Technion’s unique approach has led to life-saving cancer drugs and inroads into cancer diagnosis, drug delivery and other breakthroughs.

Quantum Science and Engineering

Once the stuff of science fiction, quantum physics is enabling scientists to harness the smallest particles in the universe. We can’t see quantum particles with the naked eye, and most of us cannot begin to understand quantum principles, which defy common-sense notions of causality, locality and realism. But we do know that quantum is set to revolutionize our world. Under the auspices of the Helen Diller Center for Quantum Science, Matter and Engineering, Technion scientists are using quantum engineering to develop more secure communications, implantable biomedical devices, energy-saving solutions, and defense technology such as ultra sensitive night vision and sensors to detect hazardous materials.

Yochai Blau

Student Housing

In this increasingly competitive global academic marketplace, the difference between attracting topnotch students to the Technion or losing them to MIT could come down to something as mundane as housing. While the Eastern Village Dormitory has expanded to house 1,000 undergraduate students, one in three Technion students still cannot find on-campus housing. The Technion is fundraising to support the renovation of the Dejur Village Dormitories for undergraduate students, and the construction of a new Undergraduate Student Village that will accommodate close to 500 undergraduates.

Steven Franken

Faculty Recruitment

The Technion must provide competitive research conditions to recruit – and retain – the most talented faculty members. That means the custom-outfitted labs, sophisticated equipment and technical support that make the Technion an inviting place to build a serious academic career. All of that was in place for Professor Steven Frankel — including a new high-performance supercomputer — when he chose the Technion over other top universities. A rising retirement rate of veteran faculty members only adds a sense of urgency to the efforts to attract promising young candidates.