Technion International (TI) presents you with a unique opportunity to experience Technion’s world class education in English*. From its renowned medical school and engineering excellence to its unique entrepreneurial know how, TI offers a variety of academic programs led by the university’s best minds, at its advanced laboratories, with its brilliant students and rich student life, on its vast forested campus on Haifa’s Mount Carmel.

Technion welcomes students from all over the world. To find out how you can apply please click on the corresponding links below:

*While the Technion’s official language is Hebrew, the study programs and courses through TI are given in English.


High School Students

Motivated high-schoolers are invited to apply to SciTech, an exciting summer program that allows students to work with Technion scientists in state-of-the-art labs.



Technion offers a full range of undergraduate degree programs in engineering and the basic sciences.


Graduate Students

Technion graduate students play a crucial role in the Technion’s research advances.