The Arrow air defense system intercepted a surface-to-surface missile launched from the “Red Sea area” at Israel, the military said Tuesday, in the first operational use of the long-range system during the war with Hamas.

The ballistic missile was believed to have been launched by the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen, aimed for the southernmost city of Eilat.

In a statement, the Israel Defense Forces said that air force systems tracked the missile’s trajectory and intercepted it “at the most appropriate operational time and location.” Photos showed a trail of smoke from the Arrow missile, as residents reported hearing a large blast.

The IDF also said fighter jets downed another two “hostile targets” — believed to be drones — that were flying in the Red Sea area during the morning.

“All the threats were intercepted outside the territory of the State of Israel. No intrusion into Israeli territory was detected,” the IDF added.

The Arrow antimissile defense system has been largely developed by Technion graduates working for the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).