About ATS

The American Technion Society (ATS) supports the growth and success of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, a global innovation powerhouse. Our investments in the Technion’s research, education, and innovation efforts advance critical breakthroughs that benefit the State of Israel and the global good.

With headquarters in New York City and offices around the United States, we are donors, alumni, and stakeholders who believe that when the Technion is strong, Israel is strong — and our world is a better place. We fund scholarships, research, labs, and facilities that have helped produce world-changing contributions and supported Technion for decades.

Since it was founded in 1940, the ATS has raised nearly $2.6 billion for the Technion, more than any other U.S.-based fundraising organization for higher education in Israel.

Our chief executive officer is Michael Waxman-Lenz.

ATS Regional Offices

ATS regional offices offer events, seminars, and networking sessions with Israel’s premier scientific, educational, and business leaders.

Audited Financial Statements

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