San Francisco Leadership Council Board of Directors

Board Chair
Micah Broude

Stuart Berman
Don Buder
George Elbaum
Yaron Hadad, Technion Alumnus
Ameer Haj Ali, Technion Alumnus
Howard Hochhauser

Robert Kadesh
Stacy Kadesh
David Kaufman
Katherine Khor-Lopatin
Marlene Litvak

Ruth Owades
Liat Portal, Technion Alumna
Barbara Rothblatt
Bryan Schild
Dana Shapiro

Silicon Valley Leadership Council Board of Directors

Board Chair
Ofer Ben-Shachar

Leslie Behar
Jacques Benkoski, Technion Alumnus
Gil Frostig, Technion Alumnus

Ilana Golan, Technion Alumna
Ziv Lautman, Technion Alumnus
Mark Saifer

Shmuel Shottan, Technion Alumnus
Chany Steinman

Professor Shai Shen-Orr with a student looking at a laptop in a Technion lab.

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The Technion is contributing to Israel and the global good in unprecedented ways, and it depends on people like you to ensure its continued advancement as a world-class institution of higher education.

The Technion Fund will help ensure that our supporters have access to a broad array of opportunities for engagement at all levels. The Fund will support the entire ecosystem necessary to maintain the Technion’s distinctive strengths.

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