The American Technion Society has been able to accomplish its ambitious fundraising goals thanks to our active and dedicated national Board of Directors.

Made up of a distinguished cadre of leaders, the Board works closely with ATS staff to implement the organization’s strategic plan and sets the policy by which ATS operates. Members serve on a number of national committees that are responsible for functions including investments, budget, and grants to the Technion.

Zahava Bar-Nir is the chair of the ATS Board of Directors. Steve Berger serves as our national president.

ATS National Board of Directors

Eli Almo
Nancy Aronson
Avraham Ashkenazi
Rosalyn August
Zahava Bar-Nir, Chair of the Board
Ilene Berger
Steve Berger, National President
Marc Bernstein
Kathryn Bloom
Robert Brand
Marilyn Caplovitz
Joyce Croft
Barbara Dahl
Robert A. Davidow
John Davison
Cathy Deutchman
Eric Dobrusin
Mark Dorner
Susan Feigenbaum
Rod Feldman
Dr. George Elbaum
Carol B. Epstein
Nathan Fischel, MD
Edith Fischer
Nora Fischer
Laura Flug

Alan Forman
Russell Frank
Mark Gaines
Michael Gamson
Dr. Fariba Ghodsian
Sol Glasner
Edward R. Goldberg
Sol Gordon
Michal Grayevsky
Robert Hanisee
Lawrence S. Jackier
Judy Jonas
Linda Kovan
Aggie Kuperman
Julee Landau
Dr. Stephen A. Laser
Scott Leemaster
Charles E. Levin
Kira Makagon
David Marcus
Melanie Moreno
Alfred Munzer, MD
Naomi Newman
Michael J. Pierce
David A. Polak
Jeff Polak

Robert L. Polak
Bennett Rechler
David L. Ronn
David M. Rosenblatt
Joel S. Rothman
Kenneth Rubenstein
Nina Madden Sabban
Ed Satell
Joel W. Schwartz
Arnold Seidel
Joan Seidel
Les Seskin
Janet Shatz Snyder
Leonard H. Sherman
Jonathan Sohnis
Eric Stein
Senator Paul B. Steinberg
Janey Sweet
Ira Taub
Debbie Vanderveer
Michael Veloric
Steve Wishner
David Witus
Andi Wolfe

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