In this unprecedented moment, the Technion isn’t backing down …

  • We’re marshaling additional resources to 30+ research teams tackling ways to halt the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We’re partnering with Israeli hospitals to test experimental treatments for compassionate use rescue therapies for the sickest patients.
  • We’re providing new and expanded services to Technion students, who are continuing their studies online.

We’re making sure students who need emergency financial aid get it, as quickly as possible.

We have set up two emergency funds to make this work possible. The Emergency COVID-19 Research Fund focuses on medical breakthroughs that directly address the pandemic, and the Emergency Student Fund assists students whose lives and livelihoods have been completely disrupted.

The Funds

Emergency COVID-19 Research Fund

Technion researchers are on the front lines of the fight, aggressively seeking solutions to identify, prevent, and treat COVID-19. They’re working on interdisciplinary teams to develop advanced diagnostic techniques, personalized medical treatment, developing robots for remote medical care, and more.

Because they know these solutions can’t wait, these brave researchers are working on accelerated timelines to ensure their research gets to the bedsides of those who need it – quickly.

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Emergency Student Fund

The COVID-19 outbreak has hit Technion students hard. Needed income has disappeared as workplaces shut down. The added stress and anxiety is taking its toll on students whose rigorous studies are already hard. And yet Technion students have risen to the occasion – helping one another, volunteering in the community, offering to help in any way. But they need our help. The Technion is fielding an unprecedented number of requests for financial and logistical support – which is why they launched the Emergency Fund to Support Technion Students.

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China epidemic coronavirus 2019-nCoV in Wuhan, Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Virus Covid 19-NCP. nCoV denoted is single-stranded RNA virus.

Where Your Help Is Needed Most

The need in this moment is unprecedented. The Technion is drawing down funds from other critical projects to ensure students and researchers have the emergency support they need to weather this crisis. We are counting on the Technion community to step up to ensure we can do everything possible to help Technion students and researchers.

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