They Defend Israel. Let’s Support Them.

Following October 7, more than 3,500 Technion students, faculty, and staff deployed to protect Israel. Now it’s our turn to help them. The Technion Reservist Fund is your chance to stand with Israel’s best and brightest as they resume their studies. We’re raising $20 million to provide mental health services, academic tutoring, accelerated courses for reservists called back to duty, scholarships, graduate fellowships, and more so that they can transition back to normalcy.

The Technion’s Global Impact

The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology — consistently ranked among the world’s leading science and technology universities — is the engine driving Israel’s high-tech economy. It educates global entrepreneurs, develops pioneering technologies, expands our scientific frontiers, and betters life around the world.

Alumni Connections

Join an exceptional community of Technion alumni across the U.S. for events, networking, and more.

Tomorrow’s Innovators: The Berger Visiting Fellows

Meet the Technion's greatest asset: its students. The Berger Visiting Fellows are the rising stars of Israel's scientific and entrepreneurial sectors.