Message from the President

Steven Wishner

The Technion is achieving well-deserved global recognition for the excellence of its faculty, the quality of its diverse student body, and the cutting-edge technologies that its world-class research has fostered. From its multiple campuses around the world, spanning from Israel to New York to China, the Technion is not only developing technologies that protect and defend Israel, but its medical,

ATS – Boston Leadership Council President, Steven Wishner.

scientific, and technological research has also led to numerous scientific breakthroughs that have and will continue to benefit all humankind.

These benefits transcend religions, generations, geographies, and ethnicities, thus the global village is a better place because of the Technion. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the American Technion Society – New England at this very exciting time. In New England, we are fortunate to have an active and meaningful base of alumni and donors who care deeply about the Technion and who have been very generous with their time and resources to help ensure the quality of education at the Technion, now and for future generations. I invite all to attend our interesting and exciting events, and to join us in helping to support the Technion and the extraordinary impact it has on us all.

History of ATS – New England

The Technion has often been referred to as the MIT of Israel. That comparison is particularly apt when considering the origins of ATS-New England.

The Chapter got its start at the Boston Stein Club of MIT when a group of MIT alumni and other community leaders would meet there in the 1960s. From those friendships, ATS New England was born, and spawned generations of Technion supporters.

In the 1980s, ATS staffer Madelyn Bell Berman and volunteer Ed Goldberg teamed up to lead the chapter, focusing on attracting new members. Many of those early volunteers are still active today, including several Technion Guardians, a designation reserved for those who support the Technion at the highest levels. Mr. Goldberg went on to lead the New England Chapter and become ATS National President.

ATS-New England introduced the concept of Missions to Israel, picked up by then ATS Executive Vice President Melvyn Bloom. And the Chapter is responsible for many of the structures that dot the Haifa campus today. William and Cynthia Marcus launched the New England Region Center for Pre-University Education, later supported by Michael and Linda Frieze. Scott and Isabelle Black established a wing of the Lidow Physics building. George and Beatrice Sherman helped relocate the early Faculty of Education in Science and Technology to its permanent building.

To date, ATS-New England has raised more than $100 million for the Technion.

Professor Shai Shen-Orr with a student looking at a laptop in a Technion lab.

Technion Fund

The Technion is contributing to Israel and the global good in unprecedented ways, and it depends on people like you to ensure its continued advancement as a world-class institution of higher education.

The Technion Fund will help ensure that our supporters have access to a broad array of opportunities for engagement at all levels. The Fund will support the entire ecosystem necessary to maintain the Technion’s distinctive strengths.

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