Message from the President

Cathy Deutchman

Israel would not be what is today without the Technion — a leading science and technology university whose impact is felt around the world.

I am a third generation Technion supporter. My grandfather, Samuel Brody, became involved in the early 1950s with an interest in greening Israel through agricultural engineering.

Headshot of ATS – Detroit Leadership Council, Cathy Deutchman

My father Robert Brody, and my husband James Deutchman, were both ATS Detroit presidents, and served on the ATS National Board, Technion Board of Governors, and Technion Board of Regents. So with my leadership, I am furthering family tradition in support of the Technion.

Why Technion? The Technion is Israel’s “best kept secret.” It benefits mankind with cutting-edge research and feeds the entrepreneurial spirit that built the “Start-Up Nation.” The ATS in Detroit hosts Technion leaders, exciting forums, events, and trips. I hope to inspire you to become involved, support Technion projects, learn about the Technion’s collaboration with the University of Michigan, and other partnerships. Please join the Technion family and help shape Israel’s future.

Professor Shai Shen-Orr with a student looking at a laptop in a Technion lab.

Technion Fund

The Technion is contributing to Israel and the global good in unprecedented ways, and it depends on people like you to ensure its continued advancement as a world-class institution of higher education.

The Technion Fund will help ensure that our supporters have access to a broad array of opportunities for engagement at all levels. The Fund will support the entire ecosystem necessary to maintain the Technion’s distinctive strengths.

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Hear firsthand from Technion experts about breakthroughs that are advancing science, medicine and technology worldwide. We hold a variety of events at synagogues, campuses and festive Detroit venues, sometimes in collaboration with partners such as Automation Alley, Michigan’s largest technology business association.

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Planned Giving

Have you considered the Technion in your estate planning? The American Technion Society's support of Technion facilities, research, faculty, and students has led to discoveries that have made life better for people around the world. Be part of that legacy. A planned gift can lower your tax bill, increase your income and your heirs’ inheritance, and unlock value in your real estate. We invite you to join our Genesis Circle.

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Learn About the History of the ATS – Detroit

This is a history. It is written to inform rather than to entertain, but many will find drama and perhaps even humor in some of these tales. It is not meant to be propaganda, but it does tell a story of dedication, devotion, idealism, and achievement on the part of the many men and women whose activities, in effect, constitute the Detroit Story.

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