Rothman Leadership Program

The Rothman Leadership Program brings together an elite cadre of lay leaders from across the U.S. and prepares them to serve as Technion ambassadors. In exclusive meetings with faculty and administrators, tech entrepreneurs, and scientists, they explore the unique role the Technion has played in establishing the State of Israel, enabling the country’s innovation-based economy, ensuring the safety and security of its population, and propelling Israel’s global leadership in human health, sustainability, and other critical areas. Through immersive experiences, Fellows deepen their knowledge, strengthen their skills as Jewish communal volunteers, expand their networks, and are empowered to lead peers in support of the Technion.

*Sponsored by Jeri and Joel Rothman, coordinated by ATS, and developed from the ATS 21st Century Leadership Development Program.

Janet Shatz Snyder Headshot

“The Program helped me deepen my knowledge and understanding of ATS and the Technion, build strong relationships with like-minded philanthropists, and develop the leadership skills to become an active and effective member of the ATS National Board of Directors. The highlight was cultivating and deepening relationships with the cohort, a group of committed lay leaders who I had established strong working connections with when I assumed leadership positions at ATS.”

– Janet Shatz Snyder, member of the National Board of Directors and former president of ATS – Washington, D.C.

“This was a life-changing experience for my wife Nina and me. I discovered so much more about the Technion from the faculty speakers and learned more about the role ATS plays in supporting the University. Equally as important, Nina and I have made lifelong friends with the people in our cohort and the National Board. One of the key highlights of the program was the trip to the Technion; you really can’t appreciate what the Technion is until you spend a few days on campus.”

– Mark Gaines, ATS President and former president of ATS – Chicago

A Rothman Fellow will participate in:

Exclusive Meetings

Exclusive meetings with scientists engaged in cutting-edge research projects and business leaders blazing the trail of innovation in high-tech, whose academic and career paths stem from their experiences at the Technion.

Relationship Building

Opportunities to learn from and build relationships with key leadership on the ATS National Board, a diverse group of leaders from across the country who share a passion for supporting the Technion, the State of Israel, and the global good.

Immersive Experience

An immersive experience that deepens your knowledge, expands your network, and empowers you to be an ambassador for the Technion and to grow its legacy for generations to come.

Participation is by invitation. Please click here to learn more.