Aviram conducts his research in the Louis Family Laboratory for Targeted Drug Delivery & Personalized Medicine, headed by Professor Avi Schroeder. His work focuses specifically on the development of a biological delivery system to combat viral diseases in agriculture. His award-winning research might one day lead to increased crop yields and greater food security and is already garnering attention from industry.

During his undergraduate studies, Aviram was on the Dean’s list for four consecutive years and received multiple scholarships. Most recently, he received the Sandor Szego Award for Excellence in Teaching (2022), the Jewish National Fund Climate Scholarship (2021), and the Sherman Family Interdisciplinary Fellowship for Excellence (2020). Aviram has already published four refereed papers in professional journals and one book chapter. He also is part of a team of scientists awaiting approval on a U.S. patent application in the area of nanoparticles and agriculture.

Aviram was born and raised in Qiryat Bialik, a periphery town near Haifa, and currently lives in Nesher, close to the Technion campus. He served in the Israel Defense Forces’ Armored Corps first as a combat soldier and then in Tank Commander Training. Discharged with the rank of first sergeant, he currently serves the IDF in active reserve duty.

In his spare time Aviram enjoys traveling and hiking around Israel, reading about global economics, and is a self-professed basketball fan. He also volunteers to return to his hometown high school to talk to the students about the importance of an academic education.

Looking ahead, he hopes to lead a biotech company in Israel in the R&D or business development sectors.

January 2023

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