Mr. Satell, of Bala Cynwyd, PA and Juniper, FL, has actively supported the Technion for years. He is a member of the American Technion Society (ATS) National Board and an honorary member of the ATS-Philadelphia Board of Directors. He and his wife, Cyma, are Technion Guardians, signaling their support for the university at the highest levels. For his dedication, he received a Technion Honorary Fellowship in 2011 and a Technion Honorary Doctorate in 2016.

Most recently, Mr. Satell has supported the Technion Emergency Fund for COVID-19-Related Research, and initiatives to promote research between Israel and the U.S. Currently, Technion scientists and researchers at the University of Connecticut, Mr. Satell’s alma mater, are working together on research that could advance the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cells in the Satell Global Energy Leadership Research Initiative. And in 2014, he established the Technion-MIT Leadership Program, designed to create collaboration between the Technion’s most promising postdoctoral candidates in engineering, physics, and chemistry with scientists at MIT.

Mr. Satell has also sponsored numerous Technion research projects in medicine and energy, including: the Satell Program in Stem Cell Science; the Satell Fellow in Stem Cell Research Program; the Ed Satell Doctoral Fellows Club Partnership, and the Richard D. Satell Cancer Research Projects. At the request of Technion President Peretz Lavie, he became the initial supporter of what is now the Grand Technion Energy Program with the Satell Family Nitrogen Hydrogen Alternative Fuels Laboratory and Program.

Mr. Satell is founder and CEO of a diversified executive information and education provider serving businesses, government, and nonprofits. With his long-term vision and focus on the greater good, he established two charitable foundations — the Satell Family Foundation Trust and the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust — to help fund and develop impactful and values-driven projects in five key philanthropic areas: disadvantaged children, transformational development for young adults of promise, community development, medical and energy research, and his heritage. These support vital institutions that benefit the region and Israel. Even more important, Ed’s quiet but extensive philanthropy is hands-on, with Ed providing business expertise, strategic thinking skills for nonprofits, and an understanding of best practices. Currently he sponsors more than 30 selected projects with 25 institutions.

Mr. Satell is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and also holds an Honorary Doctorate from Gratz College, where he was the commencement speaker. He is a longtime member of the Young Presidents Organization & World Presidents Organization.

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