Professor Eli Biham is the founding head of the Hiroshi Fujiwara Cyber Security Research Center at the Technion. Previously, he was the dean of the Faculty of Computer Science. He has served on numerous professional committees including Israel’s National Cyber Initiative and Standardization Committee. He has been a fellow of the International Association for Cryptologic Research since 2012.

Prof. Biham is a world-renowned expert in cryptography and cryptanalysis, the invention and breaking of computer codes. These codes guard billions of daily transactions, from the privacy of our email, cellphones, and online banking to the security of nations.

Prof. Biham is best known for breaking the Data Encryption Standard, the leading U.S. and international encryption standard of the time, and for breaking the GSM cell phones system, used around the world to secure calls on mobile phones. He has also designed encryption codes that are being implemented across a variety of applications.

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