Dr. Peretz also serves as a lead researcher for New Space Missions for Nobel Laureate in Physics John Mather. In his roles, he is charged with identifying and mapping the scientific challenges and required technologies, and is designing and leading space missions that could solve some of humanity’s great questions, including whether other habitable planets around sun-like stars exist in the universe.

For his work, Dr. Peretz was awarded NASA’s Exceptional Acheivment Medal, NASA’s Early Career  Acheivement Medal, Robert H. Goddard Award, NASA’s Excellence Award for Early Career as well as the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and NASA’s Space Technology Research Fellowship during his Ph.D.

Eliad was born in Afula in 1982 to a family of immigrants from Morocco and the United Kingdom and received his degrees from both the Technion and Cornell University. He currently resides in Silver Spring, Md. with his wife Abby Goldman, who serves at the Science and Technology Policy Institute advising the White House and other federal agencies. The two have three daughters: Shoshana, Ruth, and Efrat.

Bio courtesy of Eliad Peretz

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