Prof. Avron is a mathematical physicist who collaborates effectively with mathematicians and experimentalists on a wide rage of problems in quantum physics. His research focus in the last decade shifted to application of quantum physics to quantum computing and quantum technologies. He is interested in the control and manipulation of quantum systems, enhanced precision and sensitivities, and the advantages that come from quantum entanglement. He enjoys working with students, doing theory, mathematical physics, geometry, and animations.  

Prof. Avron has lectured and written extensively on subjects as esoteric as quantum entanglement and as popular and captivating as “Quantum Games”  and “falling cats” — why do they land on their feet? He has also appeared on the Helen Diller Quantum Center PodQuantum podcast series, designed to make Technion students and the general population more comfortable with and curious about the field of quantum science.  

Born in Tel Aviv two months before Israel’s declaration of Independence in 1948, Prof. Avron participated in both the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War. He received his undergraduate and doctorate degrees at the Technion and conducted postdoctoral research at Princeton University. Prof. Avron was on the faculty of Princeton University and the California Institute of Technology, known as Caltech, before joining the Technion in 1983.  

He has coauthored more than 150 scientific papers, served as a chair of the Department of Physics, is the recipient of the Yanai Prize for teaching excellence, and was recognized as an Outstanding Referee by the American Physical Society. He has served as head of the Hellen Diller Quantum Center since 2019.  

Prof. Avron is married to Gabriella, a clinical psychologist, and has three children.

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