Throughout his career, Professor Noam Ziv has been studying synapses, the minute connections between brain cells through which nerve cells exchange information. As a member of the multidisciplinary Network Research Labs, his interests span the areas of basic synaptic biology and network function in normal and pathological circumstances as well as the development of automated imaging and electrophysiology recording systems and associated software.

His diverse interests make him the perfect choice to spearhead the THHI, which will conduct health research in a comprehensive, integrative, and institution-wide manner. The new initiative brings together Technion scientists from multiple faculties with researchers and clinicians from Technion-affiliated teaching hospitals to meet some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. THHI will also partner with industry to convert the most promising research discoveries into applications and products that will serve the medical system and medical teams on the front lines. The goal is to build a bridge between medicine and life sciences, exact sciences, engineering, data science, and design.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Prof. Ziv immigrated to Israel with his family in 1967. He served in the Israel Air Force before earning his bachelor’s degree in life sciences and computer and his doctorate in neurobiology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prof. Ziv conducted postdoctoral studies at Stanford University and joined the Technion Faculty of Medicine in 1997.

Updated January 2023

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