Machine-learning analysis of CT scans during admission to the emergency enables earlier detection of intracerebral hemorrhages and reduces mortality rate by over 30 percent, according to a study published in the International Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Intracerebral hemorrhage, commonly known as bleeding into the brain, is the second most common cause of strokes (15-30%) and the most deadly.

The research, conducted by Dr. David Orion, director of the Acute Stroke & Neuro-Endovascular Department of Sheba Medical Center in Israel, involved 587 patients and used Aidoc’s algorithm to analyze CT scans of their heads.

Aidoc, a company founded at Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center, develops AI solutions for clinical practice that used by more than 1,000 medical centers worldwide.

Results from the trial demonstrated that AI analysis of CT scans led to earlier detection of intracerebral hemorrhage, enabling physicians to begin administering therapeutic interventions quickly, thus saving lives.

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Aidoc is a medical technology company that creates AI solutions for clinical usage. Aidoc CEO Elad Walach is a Technion alumnus.