An award of $1.3 million has been split between seven Israeli climate tech startups as part of the startup category of the Climate Solution Prize, an initiative created to encourage innovation in this field.

The selection for the track was carried out by Startup Nation Central, a Tel Aviv-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting Israeli innovation, and the Climate Solutions Prize Organization.

The winners include:

Filo System, whose data compression engine provides storage and networking saving, which lowers energy consumption and cooling cost for data centers;

Electriq, whose innovative powder hydrogen carrier can simplify storage, transport and use of the gas in off-grid uses;

TIGI Solar, which received a prize for its renewable heat generation and heat storage solution;

Nemo Nanomaterials, whose nanotechnology solutions improve industrial materials and products;

Envomed, whose innovative development shreds and sterilizes medical waste;

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TIGI Solar CEO Zvika Klier is a Technion alumnus.