An Israeli medtech company whose novel therapy freezes and destroys malignant tumors has announced positive results in a trial of breast cancer patients.

IceCure Medical’s ProSense system uses extremely cold liquid (cryoablation) to freeze and destroy abnormal tumors as an alternative to surgical removal. Its focus is currently on early-stage breast, lung, liver and kidney tumors.

While cryoablation is not a new process, IceCure Medical’s system allows physicians to perform the procedure in their own offices, with no need for hospitalization.

The company’s ICE3 study is the largest multicenter clinical trial performing cryoablation on low-risk and early-stage breast cancer tumors.

The results of the trial were released after a five-year follow up to monitor the health of the people who participated in it. Of the 194 patients treated, IceCure reported, 187 had no signs of local recurrence of the tumors or other significant complications.

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IceCure Medical CTO and Chief Engineer Nir Berzak and IVP of Quality Assurance Shay Levav are Technion alumni.