Buying produce, and then having it quickly go bad, is a common disappointment for many.

One Israeli startup has developed a solution that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer without changing or adding anything to the produce themselves.

Ness Ziona-based Liva has developed a sticker that when applied to the package, can extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to another seven days.

The sticker was created by Ifat Hammer, co-founder and CTO, drawing on her expertise in food engineering and biotechnology. She figured that instead of modifying the produce itself, “good” bacteria that was already present in the fruit or vegetable could be used to delay the growth of “bad” bacteria.

To do so, she and co-founder and CEO Ifat Peled Dinstag worked on making a four-layered sticker, a little larger than a postage stamp, which contains a proprietary prebiotic formula that attracts “good” bacteria known as bacillus subtilis.

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Liva Bio Protection Technologies Co-founders CEO Ifat Peled Dinstag and CTO Ifat Hammer are Technion alumni.