Undergoing major gastrointestinal (GI) surgery can be challenging enough for a patient without the worry of a grave yet common aftereffect that requires urgent corrective surgery and a lengthy hospital stay – or worse.

Israeli startup Exero Medical has come up with a way of keeping tabs on the surgical site after such a procedure, looking for a localized rupture that has hitherto been extremely difficult to detect.

Every year, millions of people undergo surgery in the digestive tract – in most cases, for the removal of a part of the digestive system due to issues such as cancer or diverticulitis, Exero CEO and co-founder Erez Shor tells NoCamels.

And even if the surgery is uneventful and successful, he says, it is difficult to fully monitor the site of the operation for any post-surgical complications.

“No one knows what’s going on in the healing process of the patient,” Shor says.

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Exero Medical CEO Erez Shor is a Technion alumnus.